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Jewelry store owners ponder future of diamond swallowed by suspect

WINDSOR, Ont. – The owners of a Windsor, Ont., jewelry store are undecided about the future of a diamond that spent a week and a half inside a man accused of swallowing the stone.Police say the man passed the $20,000 diamond over the weekend, and it has been returned to Precisio
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Swallowed diamond’s value up for debate

A $20,000 diamond swallowed and expelled by a man who allegedly tried to steal it could soon be for sale. After photographing it for evidentiary purposes, Windsor Police returned the 1.7-carat gem to Precision Jewellers on Saturday. Store owner Dan Thomas said he will hold onto the we
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Police in Windsor wait for suspected thief to pass swallowed diamond

Police in Windsor, Ont., say the story of a man who allegedly swallowed a $20,000 diamond is gaining international attention.It’s been nearly a week since Richard Mackenzie Matthews, 52, is alleged to have switched a diamond at Precision Jewellers and swallowed the real one.Matthews h
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Pro regurgitator weighs in on diamond allegedly swallowed

A professional regurgitator says it could be another week or more before an alleged jewel thief passes a 1.7-karat diamond police say he swallowed. The 52-year-old man has been in Windsor Police custody in a “dry cell” without a toilet since May 10, the day employees at Precision Jewe
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Finding $20K diamond man allegedly swallowed a dirty job

Police in Windsor, Ont., have accused in cell awaiting his bowel movement Police in Windsor, Ont., are on a disgusting stakeout — they’re waiting for a man accused of stealing and swallowing a $20,000 diamond to have a bowel movement. The 52-year-old man allegedly swallowed the
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